Your True Calling – Living A Life Of Purpose by Stephen Cope

Finding your meaning, TRUE CALLING, and purpose in life is one of the most joyful experiences you’ll ever have. Would you like to identify your gifts, explore how only you can serve the world, and finally overcome obstacles to a life of purpose and meaning?

Most of us feel at least some level of confusion, anxiety, and even fear around the subject. We’re told to “follow our bliss” or “make a difference,” but we’re never really taught how. Finding meaning is one of the four fundamental blocks of a healthy balanced life. I recently wrote an entire article on the subject named “The Four Essential Parts of Life: The Mind, The Body, Livelihood, and Spirituality“; you can read it here!


Many have described Stephen Cope as a brilliant spiritual thinker, elegant prose stylist, and empathic, grounded teacher. His unique style displays a natural masterful guidance ability to teach and re-direct people to their “own” intuitive hearts. He’s an expert in helping people to find meaning and purpose through a combination of guided meditations, lectures, practices, storytelling, reflections, and homework to support their journey.

Throughout eight powerful sessions, you’ll not only begin to clarify what your true calling is, but you’ll also learn how to live it and act upon it in the world. Sessions Three and Eight include regular lessons plus Q&A sessions recorded during a live event with Stephen.

Join Mr. Stephen Cope on this beautiful path of self-discovery. Click here to take this journey, find meaning, and live a fulfilling life filled with love, joy, happiness, and purpose.

“When you follow this path, something astonishing happens. You become not the doer, but a conduit of a higher power, of a larger consciousness than you possess. We cannot be anyone we want to be. We can only authentically be who we are.”

—Stephen Cope


This course is at once a call to action and a step-by-step guide to discover and embrace your purpose, with guided Meditations, Journaling Prompts, and many other bonuses. Complete Downloads of All Sessions are available.

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Stephen Cope’s program “Living A Life Of Purpose” is one of them.

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