A Manifesting Money Meditation Script – For True Prosperity

What Manifesting is NOT!

Many people will hate this fact, and others will be happy and relieved. Still, regardless of it, I feel it’s time to bring some clarity to the subject of manifestation and its relationship with Meditation.

Manifestation is NOT a magical formula, technique, or trick for lazy people; it is NOT listening to audios repeating a meaningless phrase of how “the universe” will bring this or that without taking action yourself, nor listening to subliminal messages or sounds while sleeping.

Enough! Wake up! I’m saving you months, years, or even decades of wasting your time on a childish play that will result in disappointment. It’s time to grow up and bring some sense into all this mambo jumbo of a niche.

The Truth About Manifesting Money Meditations

The relationship between money, meditations, and manifesting are not words that naturally merge. That is why the phrase above in question cannot connect deep and probably doesn’t make sense. So, let us look at what these terms mean and try to find a healthy way to merge them peacefully and efficiently to live a life full of joy and prosperity the right way.

What Is Manifestation in Life?

Manifestation is not wishing or praying for things to happen; manifestation has an image Manifestation is a connection, a skill; it’s tapping into the root of your true calling. Such connections come through clarity of mind and self-observation (this is where Meditation can help).

Manifestation is doing what your nature is asking you to do and tuning into its purpose. Manifestation is not about going after empty ideas or wishes; on the contrary, it is following and honoring a fire inside you which you cannot deny.

This fire can be anything imaginable; it can be spiritual or mundane, but above all, be sure it will be truthful and intuitively bring joy and happiness inside your heart.

What Is True Meditation?

Meditation is not about acquiring objects or fixing your financial status. The purpose of Meditation is the let go of your clinging to all these things. It does not mean to throw them or push them away physically; it means that regardless of the status of your finances or possessions, your peace of mind and emotional state will remain leveled, joyful and clear.

The purpose of meditating is to alleviate your mind from all the unnecessary excess baggage and garbage you might carry around.

When true Meditation takes effect, the amount of space cleared in your head is overwhelming, resulting in a state of joy, happiness, and peace of mind. This clarity can help you work on your mundane goals, interests, and inclinations; everything becomes simpler, and you’ll find yourself making better and wiser decisions.

Can Meditation Help with Money, Prosperity & Manifestation?

Of course, but probably not in the way you think. Meditation is not a magical overnight spell that you can use and dispose of. Meditation is a beautiful tool; it can bring balance and peace of mind but also, with the aid of visualization, it will transform and rewire your mind and help you “tune in” and take the needed steps to reach a specific goal. People skilled in the art of wealth and money have particular characteristics, philosophy, beliefs, and skills.

Meditation + Visualization = Psychological Conceptual Rewiring = Creating & Manifesting

If you ask a poor person that won the lottery how you can become a millionaire, the person will not have any intelligent, good advice other than to buy tickets (with the odds of winning of 1 in 13 million). However, a person that becomes a self-made millionaire from scratch will have plenty of helpful and valuable advice.

Why? Because this person has the map, skills, mentality, and discipline to do it because, unlike the lucky lottery winner, this person keeps creating more.

Let’s say that we take all the money away from these two individuals. Who would you say has the better chance of manifesting millions of dollars again? The lucky lottery winner or the self-made millionaire? The answer is easy. The self-made millionaire can create more and more; this person is the wealth, not the money, the money can come and go, but this person has value; this person has a millionaire mentality.

However, even if the self-made millionaire gives you the exact blueprint for building your wealth and becoming a millionaire, you won’t execute the plan if you don’t have a millionaire mentality. You will give up 100% guaranteed regardless of what you have to say about it.

You will fail because you’re not equipped with the mental structure, discipline, persistence, hustle, financial skills, business intelligence, psychological conditioning, or abilities to take that road. All these qualities are what manifestation is made of.

Manifestation is not a magic spell; it’s a specific psychological and physical structure. Therefore, in this article, we will learn how to use MEDITATION to rewire and transform your mind so that you can connect to your true purpose and bring clarity of mind. Once that is achieved, you can use your mind and have it MANIFEST the goals you want.

A Simple Money Manifesting Meditation Script

The Money Mindset Meditation Technique That Works

Every manifestation meditation scrip has the same structure. Traditionally, pure Meditation does not require images, visualizations, or any other object. The objective is to let go of attachment to images; however, specific steps will help us in the realm of creation and manifestation. Whether you’re aiming for success, abundance, wealth, happiness, money, attraction, etc., it is all the same set of steps and structure. Let examine each one in order.

  1. Relaxation: Finding a place where you can sit quietly and uninterrupted, so you can close your eyes and relax.
  2. Visualization of the desired goal: With your eyes closed, visualize how your life would look like when reaching this goal.
  3. Emotional Triggering: Think of how it would FEEL to reach this goal. Hold into this feeling as long as possible.
  4. Rewire your Mind: Holding on to the feeling from step 3, repeat to yourself:
    “I will give my all to reach this goal no matter how long it takes. If I make mistakes or fall, I’ll get back up and try again, and again, and again until successful. I cannot quit because it is my purpose, it is my calling, it is my nature, it’s in my DNA, it’s in my body, it’s who I am, life itself will not allow me to quit even if I try”.
  5. Create Your Map (Blueprint): Open your eyes and ask yourself…
    How can I reach this goal? what steps do I need to take?
    Write down all your ideas, and begin giving structure to them. Add and edit throughout the day. You will eventually, gradually, have a complete blueprint map to work with. You can correct and adjust as you go along.
  6. Meditate: Read this quote written by Mr. Calin Coolidge.

    “Nothing in this world can take the place of PERSISTENCE.
    Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
    Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
    Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.
    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
    The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

    Now close your eyes and let your body and mind rest from this whole exercise. If your mind begins to be noisy, TALK to it! Literally, have a conversation with it, like a parent speaking to a child. Ask it to calm down for a few minutes, say: “everything is ok, there’s no more to think of now, we’ll have plenty of time for that later. Sit with me and relax just a bit, I got you, I’ll take care of you, all is fine”.

Visualization Manifestation Meditations Explained

Visualization is a great tool to rewire your mind and body. The art of visualization triggers you emotionally and helps you to refocus your priorities in life. Visualization transforms a part of your psychology. It changes your inquiry from a “what” to a “why,” meaning that instead of having a random goal in your mind, it charges it with energy, emotion, excitement, and intention. Here’s an example of this.

Let’s say your grandparent’s car broke down, and it’s irreparable. Without giving it much thought, you intuitively remember that you have your old car parked, it just needs a battery, and you can gladly give it to them.

At this point, your mind has a “WHAT” in action. If I ask you, WHAT do you want to do, you’ll probably say:
“Oh, I want to buy a battery for my car so that I can give it to my grandparents.”

In most cases, the sense of urgency and the effort will most likely be minimal. You will take some time on the weekend to buy the battery. It might even take you the next week or whenever you’re able to. There’s also the possibility of getting distracted and forgetting about it until someone mentions it in the next family gathering, a call, or visit. Your “WHAT” is not very reliable.

Now, let’s say we sit together, and I ask you to take your time to tell me exactly “WHY” you want to buy the battery.
I’m asking you to VISUALIZE the reason why you want to do this thing.

The conversation will immediately transform. You would say something like: “well, it’s for my grandparents, you know, they live alone with no help near, so having a car is helpful and vital for them, they only use it for their groceries and basic things. Grandma has her weekly doctor checkups, so that’s important; now that I think about it, this is important!”

You would probably stand up, get the battery, and take your car to your Grandparents, surprising them with the good news. All because you changed the WHAT into a WHY. You emphasized the reason behind your actions, and you injected your intention with energy, thus taking action.

Visualization in combination with Meditation provides the same result.

True Abundance Meditation Meaning

Utilizing Abundance for Spirituality, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Self-Inquiry

The word abundance usually refers to a substantial quantity of something, whether money, material possessions, love, happiness, etc. However, when we bring Meditation to the equation, something very unique happens. There are two ways of using Meditation for abundance.

Manifestation Meditation for Business Success And Intuitive Opportunity

The formula shared on our script above (see it here) is the only structure needed for this practice, regardless of your goal for success at work, a business, projects, metrics, etc. The principles are the same. It is as simple as that!

Manifestation Meditation for Happiness and Wealth

The same rule applies to happiness; when you want to reach a goal, something you truly desire with your heart, all you need to do is follow the manifestation meditation script above. Click here to go there!

Manifestation Wealth Consciousness Meditation

Consciousness is not a tool for manifestation nor Meditation, do not get these mixed. Consciousness does not share the destiny of our body-mind’s existential predicament. Consciousness is prior and beyond concepts of time and matter. If you’re calling is manifesting wealth, follow our script above. See it here!

Prosperity Meditation Kundalini Yoga – A Manifestation Shortcut

Kundalini Yoga can also be a great tool that you can incorporate into our script above. If you’re a seasoned practitioner of Kundalini, it can become easier to “reset” your mind quicker; however, do not get distracted by the mysticism of the experience of Kundalini. Working with your body’s energies can be very addictive and seductive. I would recommend sticking to Meditation; both methods work perfectly fine.

The Law of Attraction vs Manifestation Meditations

The most significant difference between manifestation meditations and the famous law of attraction is pretty simple. MEDITATION works every time. Why? Because it has one specific ingredient that the law of attraction doesn’t, “taking action.”

Manifestation Meditations have executable plans, targeted mental rewiring, and the crucial step of getting involved in the world because you are part of the world.

The law of attraction has an error in its approach; it tricks people into believing that it will become a reality only by wishing for something. They rely on the law of coincidences to claim success and accuracy to their methods. I say enough!

Please wake up, let’s all wake up from all the nonsense and participate in life because we are life itself at the end of the day.

George H.

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