Exploring our nature leads to the inquiry and discovery of who we are.  It´s not necessary to invest years (sometimes even decades) consuming information or practicing endless methods in the search for ¨secret VIP knowledge¨ and experiences that claim and promise psychological happiness or mystical egocentric power trips.

Continuous happiness is real and possible; it’s simple and always available in the form of peace of mind. That peace of mind comes through the understanding of your true nature. 

Truth, love, happiness and all the rest are relative. However, the state of continuous Peace of Mind is undeniably joyful, a sublime “sweetness” permeating the currents of time and space.

This “shift” does not mean that you will neglect your day-to-day life, responsibilities, or activities; as a matter of fact, you will notice that all your actions and interactions will arise from a different state of being.

Events will gradually become more harmonious, and everything will unfold almost effortlessly.

You will continue to do what is needed, nothing needs to change ¨per se¨, but you will notice an absence of resistance to what is, a total intimacy with whatever is taking place without any desire to reject it or replace it.

And amidst it all, ¨action¨ is taking place.

Cleaning where dust has fallen, attending to wounds when needed, injustice being fought when necessary, a peaceful “no” when you feel incompatible, an assertive “yes” when you feel joyful.

Helping whenever possible, letting go when options seem to vanish, becoming friendly with the moment with whatever is happening, becoming the witness to this and that, an undeniable sense of freedom.

Everything becomes simpler, not easier, but for sure simpler.

And ANYONE can know and have access to the UNDERSTANDING of their true nature right now. This site intends to provide you with that experience and understanding right here and now.



You can verify if this is true in less than a few minutes with this experiment:

Close your eyes and repeat the word “hello” inside your head, not out loud, just with your mind. Try it, do it now.

You’ll notice something interesting. Although there was no action from your vocal cords to produce sound, nor was there the need for your ears to function as sound receptors, ¨YOU¨ still heard the word “hello” clearly.

That which said and heard “hello,” is your nature.

¨THAT¨ is Awareness, Consciousness,
¨THAT¨ is all there IS,
¨THAT¨ It is who you are.

Do you want to learn more about this? Join me on this exploration here!

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