Spiritual Blogs – How to Start a Spiritual Blog Journey & Grow It From A Passion To A Lifestyle

How and Where to Start Your Spiritual Journey and Awakening?

A spiritual journey is the only journey worth taking; it is an intuitive calling that sparks inside your heart that is impossible to extinguish. The inclinations towards awakening transform into a spiritual passion for truth, and since “truth” is not conceptual, the whole trip can become confusing and complicated.

However, it is impossible to retreat once you take the first step. As Ram Dass said once:

If you invite an Elephant trainer into your living room, you better make space for the Elephant.

-Ram Dass

Spirituality can be a journey filled with happiness, joy, and wonder, but be aware; this can also be a heavy trip.

However, Spirituality can also be a painful and dark place. But regardless of the ups and downs, for SURE, it also has the potential to reveal itself as the greatest re-discovery anyone can have.

The “problem” with Spirituality, Awakening, and Spiritual Journeys

One of the main reasons this “awakening” trip can become sour is misinformation and the lack of direction. Three of the weakest aspects of Spirituality are the overwhelming amount of information, the strange arrogance behind it, and the lack of practical instructions for people.

Overwhelming amount of information

We live in a time where thanks to the advances of technology (the internet), information is available 24/; not only that, but the amount of data is almost ridiculous; this can become dangerous because we still haven’t managed to filter garbage from a trustworthy source of value easily.

Spirituality is not safe from this phenomenon, and it doesn’t take much research to land on sites, articles, or videos filled with charlatans, phony people, narcissists, and scammers. Not to mention that we, as human beings, tend to move towards “shiny objects,” things that sound clever, poetic, or entertaining. It takes a lot of self-awareness and the ability to question and inquire about the things we encounter to see the false as false and identify what is truly worth exploring.

This makes it hard for people to arrive at the right place and find reliable sources to help us along our journey instead of hurting and slowing us down. The best thing to avoid being hypnotized and seduced by silver tongue devils is to listen to your own intuitive heart. BS will get you mentally or physically excited about this or that, but “truth” will resonate within your heart and let you know; it will tell you in a second through the experience of joy, calm, and peace of mind.

Lack of practical instructions for those interested

Most teachings carry instructions that unfortunately tend to fall all over the place: do this, not that, let it go, don’t give up, give up, this helps, nothing helps, “just be,” forget about being, etc. And, of course, even though we can understand that:

“The map for truth is an uncharted one, which can be traced with contradictions that don’t obey the rules of right, wrong nor morality”

However, for the average person, it is a maze of confusion without direction. So, to bring some clarity, we must create our guides, practices, concepts, methods, or routines to follow. The best approach is to choose one, and ONLY one, stick to it, give it your all, and don’t give up.

As Mr. Jordan Peterson puts it:
Work as hard as possible on at least one thing and see what happens.”

Rather than randomly searching the internet for spiritual people, philosophies, or tools, try going for a specific thing that might resonate or capture your attention. Some of the many things you might consider exploring in this field of Spirituality are:

  • A Specific Meditation: There are innumerable styles of meditation. Take some time to write down which ones you find compatible, try, test, and stick to one! I have plenty of free exercises; check them out when you have time!
  • A Mantra: Mantras are also great powerful tools within your spiritual journey. A quick piece of advice: you do not need someone else to provide you with a Mantra, don’t fall for that trap. Research and find ONE that talks to you.
  • A Breathing Exercise: Be aware that although breathing exercises are very effective, they can (and most likely will) trigger intense spiritual experiences. This is normal because, through these exercises, you’re also oxygenating your body and triggering (waking up) your body’s chemistry; it recharges your immune system and will probably bring many other mystical experiences that might distract you from your spiritual journey. Don’t get caught on them; those are simply power trips and are not the purpose of true spirituality. Stay focused.
  • Self Inquiry: The act of observation and self-awareness is very effective. Through self-inquiry, it is simple to see the false as false and quickly remove the intellectual “trash” from your mind. After personally trying and exploring almost everything I could find for the past 20+ years, for me, Self-Inquiry was a game changer, the shift we can call it. This blog, the one you’re reading right now, has plenty of articles about Self-Inquiry. Feel free to browse or go directly to my free exercises page. If you have any questions, you can reach me on my contact page here, and I’ll do my best to share and help however I can. Everything is free of charge.
  • Non-Duality: The conceptual understanding of ONENESS is a direct path that ends all journeys. Non-duality is a beautiful exploration that takes you into the depths of your intellectual core. You can find plenty of articles about the subject in this blog. Here’s one I highly encourage you to read: The Only Non-Dual Exercises You’ll Ever Need

How do you go about finding anything?
By keeping your mind and heart on it.

Interest there must be and steady remembrance.
To remember what needs to be remembered is the secret of success.

You come to it through earnestness

-Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Strange VIP Arrogance Behind It

This subject might be the most obvious but unspoken within Spirituality, mainly because it is a reality that happens without intention in most cases. I’m referring to the sense of impossibility in Spirituality; I’m talking about the FACT that people who genuinely reach this so-called “awakening” seem minimal, as rare as winning the lottery, a shortlist that you can count with your right hand.

It seems that almost every single teacher out there expresses NO rush about it, leaving people with the feeling of hopelessness. In the end, the only thing to hold on to is a never-ending student-teacher relationship. In this mystical romance, the teacher represents the possibility of a new state, but it never feels like a reachable reality for the student.

If you’re a Buddhist that believes that Nirvana is only for the Buddha, a Christian that believes that salvation is only for Christ, then you’re screwing yourself over. We must let go of that one!

NEVER FORGET THIS! Every concept and everything you read from teachers, gurus, books, and other sources are only a DESCRIPTION of their particular experiences, NOT PRESCRIPTIONS on how to live your life! Use them as pointers. Your best guide is your intuitive heart. Listen with a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.⁣

As Mr. Rupert Spira said, “A wave that thinks it is ONLY a wave can never realize the immensity of its true nature by the contemplation of other waves; it must relax its attention back to its source, thus merging, realizing it is the Ocean itself.”

The Best Advice When Staring Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

Make it personal; write about it! Give your journey structure. Yes! That’s it. Writing is a powerful tool that people tend to neglect, not solely in the professional sense. We are talking about the simple act of having an idea, a goal, or a task and writing it on a piece of paper, thus giving it life, direction, and structure. When you write about your spiritual journey, you will notice that it will dramatically enhance your experience. You will learn, adjust and grow immensely.

To truly learn, grasp, and understand a specific subject, you must write and teach it to others.

In this part of the article, we will explore the art of blogging. And although you can learn to blog as a personal tool or hobby, we won’t stop there; we will navigate through everything needed, from the root structure to the transformation of your blog into your livelihood and reliable lifestyle. All this will enhance and deepen your spiritual awakening journey.

What Is a Spiritual Blogger?

Spiritual bloggers come in all shapes and forms. Understand that the art of blogging has its stages (from novice to expert) that gradually grow with practice, but when it comes to Spirituality is a different ball game.

A person can start a blog and have plenty or no spiritual knowledge; therefore, the stages below are not in a progressive order. Although they appear to have an order, they describe the most common type of spiritual bloggers.

The Beginner Spiritual Blogger

This blogger might be new to the concepts of Spirituality; however, this does not mean that its point of consciousness is minor or below of a person with conceptual knowledge. It only means that the person still cannot articulate the complete abstract essence. Once this blogger begins researching more and more, the needed language will arise, and it will become more precise on its own. All this activity will help the blogger grow and evolve in its spiritual journey.

The Conceptual Spiritual Blogger

This blogger generally has plenty of conceptual knowledge. However, it does not mean that the person has a complete understanding of the concepts. Regardless, all bloggers need to reach this level of conceptual mastery because it is the essence of successful blogging. The rest, your spiritual growth, full understanding, etc., will happen eventually on its own.

The Experienced Spiritual Blogger

There’s a stage where traditional concepts begin to dissolve, this results from self-growth and self-evolution in your spiritual journey. This blogger is flirting with the state of peace on the mind and unconditional love, joy, and happiness. During this stage, concepts begin to seem irrelevant. The blogger writes from a place prior to and beyond its intellect. There’s no one writing, but there it is, happening. The writer writes, goes about its life, interaction takes place, this and that happens, but there’s no longer a personal agent claiming ownership of anything.

Words flow through his body-mind mechanism without thinking about them, and people who read and are RIPE enough will be able to read between the words. Another type of communication arises; many questions begin to dissolve instead of being answered. A peaceful space appears, and it’s shared. Everything reveals itself as a phenomenon, a happening; everything just IS.

How To Turn your Spiritual Passion & Journey into a Blog, Career and Business

The steps for taking and transforming your “personal” spiritual journey into a beautiful, helpful blog and then gradually turning it into your livelihood, career, and business are purely mechanical motions.

As with any goal in life, it is always a three-step process: First, making sure you’re moving in the right direction, secondly, having a detailed strategy and plan to reach the destination, and third and final, being persistent with a never-give-up attitude. That’s right; there is no big secret here. That’s life, and it’s a rinse and repeat process.

  1. The Right Direction:
    You must be sure that the destination is the correct one. Think of it as if you’re running a marathon. Let’s say you prepared, trained, and reach an athletic quality above all your opponents. You are the fastest, strongest, you have the best endurance, cardio, stamina, you name it! NO ONE can physically nor mentally beat you, unless…you are running in the wrong direction. Therefore, pay attention and focus on doing things that take you closer to your destination, not away from it.

    Which is the right direction for my Spiritual Journey Blog?
    As with any blog, focus on one thing only, writing content. Feed your blog with lots and lots of free content. Don’t get distracted with anything else! Your articles, your content is and will always be the lifeforce of your blog. The more you write, the more people you will reach, the more the quality of your writing the more success your blog will have in all aspects. Don’t waste your time with social media strategies, shortcuts, and tricks; you can explore that later down the road. For now, create the best source of quality information within your niche and the rest will fall into its place.
  2. A Detail Travel Plan:
    It is important to create a blueprint of your journey, this will help you keep perspective during your journey. This blueprint can be a general picture of desired goals, dates and numbers, it is simply a guide that helps you to keep perspective and what is the purpose behind your effort. If you need more information about this step you can go to our “recommendations” page in the bottom section, there you will find a complete process for this step and the entire creation of your blog. Those are the exact techniques I personally used for the creation of this blog, the one you’re reading right now. You can find it here, at the bottom of that page.
  3. Persistence & Determination:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of PERSISTENCE.
Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

― Calvin Coolidge

Spiritual Journey Blog & Business Names Ideas

This step is easy! If you’re struggling with ideas, here’s a free source you can use.

An Honest Passion-to-Profit Workshop for Your Spiritual Blog

As I mentioned previously in this article, this entire blog, the one you’re reading right now, was created using the techniques on the workshop mentioned on our “recommendations” page of this blog. You can find it here at the bottom section of that page.

Other Type of Blogs About Spirituality + Examples

Spirituality carries a wide range of subjects, beliefs, philosophies, and niches. We will not touch on the issues of preferences, comparison, nor any other conflict between them. Our purpose here is to analyze the process of creating a blog for your spiritual journey regardless of which path, calling, and inclinations you have.

Spiritual Blog Niches and Types That You Can Write About

Your spiritual niche is the teaching, religion, method, philosophy, or concept of your interest. Therefore, your focus should always be on the TYPE of blog that you wish to create. Below are some ideas and examples that will help you decide which one is more compatible with you.

Spiritual Review Blogs.
In these types of blogs, the purpose is to research, review and share your finding on a specific spiritual niche. You can explore spiritual teachers, spiritual books, websites, spiritual blogs, spiritual movies, spiritual apps, etc.

Spiritual How-To Blogs.
Here you will focus on creating step-by-step and how-to guides for exercises and activities that can enhance your visitor’s journey in their path. The intention is to help them grow in understanding through practice instead of data, narrative, stories, or other conceptual information.

Spiritual Travel Blogs.
On a spiritual travel blog, you share your personal experiences on how your particular Spirituality affects the world you interact with while traveling to different destinations. One idea is to write about your experiences within other cultures, different spiritual beliefs, and how it merges or causes friction with yours. Another example is to write about the changes or shifts in your understanding during these trips and their challenges. The possibilities are endless.

Spiritual Definition Blogs.
Unbiased research is the name of the game. Your task is not to give your opinion; it’s to provide a factual and objective definition of a specific word, phrase, or idea.

Spiritual Direction Blogs.
The concept is to create a community to connect people and share group activities, exercises, and dynamics, which are helpful in this field.

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