Does God Want A Purpose Driven Life For Women? True Fulfillment & Meaning

In this article, we will explore women’s purpose and the relation it has with God. However, to keep our language under this website style and our intellect’s sanity in check, we will use the word Spirituality interchangeably with the word God. I promise this will make more sense as you read along.

God Purpose Driven Life Women

If we begin this exploration with the task of “finding God’s purpose for women,” we will immediately hit a conceptual wall hard to jump and impossible to take down. You see, the word “God” carries too many dogmatic qualities and religious stigma, which can cause friction between beliefs; but, if we change the word to SPIRITUALITY, it opens a new fresh space where we all can welcome a conversation and healthy inquiry to take place.

Therefore, the new question at hand will be:


This question becomes an easier path to explore; because mostly everyone, regardless of personal beliefs, will agree that there’s an aspect of their lives which they can recognize as being profound, peaceful, and beyond all concepts or labels.

For example, Richard Dawkins, a famous Biologist who considers himself an atheist, claims that he finds the contemplation of infinite space a beautiful spiritual experience.

Not only does this re-phrasing helps to simplify the immensity and overwhelming mystery of the question, but it also makes it clearer and SIMPLER to understand.

God’s Plan For Women vs. A Spiritual Plan For Women

Now that we’ve established the difference between the word God vs. Spirituality, it becomes easier to explore a true meaning with this inquiry. A spiritual plan means living a life where you HONOR your intuitive calling and profound inclinations, a life where peace, joy, love, and happiness become your priority despite the ups and downs of life.

Not a God’s plan, but a Spiritual Plan

Decide to create a new PLAN for your life today, a spiritual plan, to live your life free from conditioning, fear, resentment, and suffering. Make a promise to take responsibility, to focus all your attention on living true to yourself in peace, joy, and happiness. It all starts with you working on yourself.

Having a “Spiritual Plan” is simply a RECOGNITION and a DECISION.

The recognition of a beautiful presence in your life that, for whatever reason, you’ve been ignoring throughout the years. And the decision of stopping the nonsense and making this peaceful realm the driving force and foundation of your life.

It is as straightforward as that. You’ve landed on this website, reading this article because you’ve come to a point where something inside you has had enough! Enough of the confusion and the conditioning imposed on you. No more!

God Purpose For My Life as A Women? or Fulfilling Your Spiritual Calling?

Your purpose is defined by you, not by anything or anyone else. Do not take the burden of searching for something that is right in front of you. As we already explored, there’s an undeniable aspect of yourself, which is more profound than your personality, ego, image, concepts, this, and that. We call it Spirituality.

It is this field the one who guides you and pulls you in the right direction always. When we talk about purpose, it is simpler than you might think.

We can divide purpose in two, a human PRACTICAL purpose and a SPIRITUAL one.

Two beautiful birds are shown to dwell on the same tree as inseparable companions. One tastes the sour and sweet fruits in the tree while the other merely watches with wisdom, love, and compassion.

Your Practical Purpose:

This refers to “that” which you are passionate about; Those activities and hobbies make you forget that you are tired or hungry. This is the most honorable thing you can seek: These activities will fulfill you as an individual and will ignite your life with happiness, satisfaction, joy, and purpose.

Your Spiritual Purpose:

This is the simplest motion of your life; your spiritual purpose is this one, this moment, right there where you are, doing what your doing, being in this moment. Your spiritual “aspect” makes NO mistakes; it is wise and beyond the limited concepts of your human side. It is so sweet that IT JUST IS! Don’t try to understand it. IT doesn’t need your intellectual understanding. Just recognize its immensity and beauty; TRUST IT! SURRENDER TO IT! it is right there, with you, “inside” your heart. It is actually who you really are.

What Is The Spiritual Importance Of Women?

No one should tell you what’s important in your life other than yourself. Do not give power to others to dictate meaning nor direction in your experience as a woman. It is only you who should decide what difference you can make within yourself and for others. There’s no such thing as “spiritual importance”; you must find spirituality in life and love yourself without these misconceptions.

Women’s True Purpose In Life : LOVE & HAPPINESS

Love and Happiness are very SIMILAR TO SWIMING, if you don’t know how to do it on your own, you will need to depend on other people or other things to help you float around.

And once THINGS SINK and PEOPLE LEAVE (which happens eventually), YOU will drown as well.

You can’t depend on others, you have to learn on your own, or you will die in the process once they leave you or once they sink. YOU MUST LEARN TO SWIM YOURSELF! to LOVE YOURSELF whiteout the aid and comfort of other people or other things! It is the only way you can find Happiness & True Love, and it’s the only way you can teach others how to do it.

Women’s Self Fulfillment – Loving Yourself

Nothing will ever fulfill you as Love itself, but there’s a vital part of this that most people ignore. Love MUST begin with your “own” self. Otherwise, you will never know TRUE love; for this reason, you won’t be able to “truly” love others nor life itself.

Loving yourself is the most important thing you can do in your life. It is fulfillment itself.

You can only give to others what you genuinely have inside your heart. If you’re living with anger, pain, regret, and hate, all those will eventually project onto the people around you, sometimes especially onto those who care the most for you.

When you don’t love yourself, it will make you incapable of receiving love from others; that’s logical because it’s an unknown language for you. So, you will make them pay and greet their love with a flamethrower and hurt them if necessary to stop their caring, loving interaction.

Not loving yourself can come out as a bad temper, bitterness, anger, etc. People will stay away from you; others will be pushed away or remove themselves from your life. Even your own self will try to find as many mental distractions as possible to avoid being alone with your thoughts. You need to address this immediately, or it will destroy your life.

Learning to Love Yourself

You can’t change the PEOPLE around you, but you can change the people AROUND you”.

Self-Love is a 2 pillar equation:

  1. Compassion, Empathy & Understanding.- Whatever deamons, issues, tourmentting history or any other negative things you might be carrying, remember that there are million or perhaps billions of others going through the same or worst than you. Its an overwheelming thought, but it necesary to understend.

    We’re all sharing this life experience, stuck in the same mud of phenomena, trying to figure out how to be a functional and happy person. They too are, or will suffer, regret, and deal with the heaviness of live. But you cannot fix all this, you can only begin to feel empathy or campasiion, but you can only work on yourself, focus on yourself; see YOURSEFL, your own story with compassion, talk to yourself with love and care. Be kind to yourself and start healing your wounds.

    What to do? Avoid toxic people, toxic enviroments and behaiviour. Thats your job!. Dont try to change people! It is impossible. Poeple change on their own agenda and interest. Be brave! Be selective. Change your habbits. It is a challenging task, but possible.

  2. Acceptence & Surrender.- If you spend enough time inquiring on tha nature of life, you will eventually realize that life is a phenomena, it is happening by itself throught you, not by you. This can be frightening for the ego or extreemly liberating depanding on your intellectual wiring and programing. My intention is the latter because it bring a feeling of releif, acceptance and surrnender. I invite you to explore more on this subject. There’s an article I wrote on the subjetc, you can find it here! : An Observation On Free Will

A True Purpose Driven Life For Women : Finding out Who You Are

As I mentioned in the header of this website, the only journey worth taking is the journey of self-discovery. This exploration should not take years or decades. It is an understanding and realization available here and now.

Finding a true purpose-driven life can only come through the understanding of who you TRULY are. Like the two bird illustration above, there’s an “aspect” of your existence that is not limited nor shares the limits of your body-mind, time, or space.

Finding out Who You Are

In most cases, the realization of who you are will reveal itself in two phases. First comes through a Conceptual Understanding, and if you’re lucky, a second Non-Conceptual phase will arise. Let us take a look at both:

Conceptual Understanding

We must keep in mind that we are trying to label, name, and describe something that isn’t a “thing” nor a concept in this exploration. Conceptual understanding can be triggered by belief or logic. Still, these are just concepts.

The issue with concepts is that they arent and will never be universal or generic, meaning that concepts can only satisfy a specific group of people with a similar intellectual structure. At the same time, the rest will find that particular concept unsatisfying.

Let’s say you read something or heard someone talking about what the word GOD means. If you have a religiously inclined and have a dogmatic personality by nature, you will be offended and will reject any concept that implies that GOD isn’t what you believe it is. Similarly, if you are agnostic by nature, you will reject any concepts that claim God’s existence.

The same applies to every situation where ideas meet. Whether something is a fact or a belief, both are still concepts.

1+1 = 2 is a conceptual fact 1+1=3 is a conceptual error.
The first being right, the latter is wrong, but both are concepts.

Some Helpful Concepts to Find Out Who You Are

So, in the segment above, we’ve established that concepts are relative; A specific concept will be welcomed by some and rejected by others.

Therefore, the best that you can do BEFORE subcribing to any concept is to realize that there is NO absolute conceptual truth.

Nevertheless, below are some of the most effective concepts within the journey of conceptual self-inquiry, self-knowledge, and understanding, which I can share with you. Over the last two decades of exploration, I’ve found the following the most helpful concepts that have helped many others whom I’ve known along this path.

Concept #1: Focus on who you AREN’T, who you are NOT!
Don’t try to find out who you are; it is IMPOSSIBLE because “who you are” is not a thing nor a concept. Therefore, it is easier to find out who you are not because those are concepts that, when deeply inquired, will become evident for your mind as FALSE identities!

This exercise intends to take out the “trash,” throw everything that YOU AREN’T, and see for yourself what it’s left. Remember, if what is left is feeling, perception, sensation, or thought, disregard it also; that’s not it.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and meditate on this phrase…
“You are not who you FEEL, PERCEIVE, SENSE, or THINK you are.”

Don’t just repeat it robotically; think about what it means, meditate and inquire.

Concept #2: An Ever-Presence Epiphany.

As yourself: Have I ever experience the disappearance of myself?

When you do this exercise, two things might happen.

FIRST, your mind will try to come up with every possible answer in the attempt of proving that indeed YOU do disappear; it will try to convince you(as it has done all your life) that YOU are the MIND. But you’re not; YOU are much much more than that; you are THAT from where the mind arises from.

Your mind will refer to things like the state of deep sleep, the state “prior to” your birth, the assumption of disappearing when death arrives, etc. However, notice that all these states have ONE thing in common, the absence of the mind; how can the mind claim a state or testify on an experience where IT was absent?

Deep sleep is not the disappearance of you, of “your awareness”; it is the awareness of the disappearance of the mind. When the mind is “off” or “paused,” there is simply NOTHING or nothing to be aware of.

The absence of stimulation does not mean the disappearance of the potential! For example:

If there’s no sound to listen to, it does not mean you’ve gone deaf. If you turn off the lights, it doesn’t mean you’ve gone blind. Similarly, if there’s nothing to experience it doesn’t mean the experiencer has disappeared. The expereincer, Awareness, Consciousness, Potential, the Absolute always IS.

SECONDLY, if you’ve understood the concept above and fully grasped it, who you think yourself to be (your ego, your mind) will disappear, and some-“thing” which is NOT a thing will remain, which brings us to the next section, a “Non-conceptual Understanding.”

Non-conceptual Understanding (Epiphany/Realization)

All the above suggestions are about concepts and intellectual understanding, which can lead to mystical trips and experiences, but don’t get confused; mystical trips and experiences are concepts. To KNOW your true SELF, the nature of who you are, your body-mind mechanism which includes thoughts, experiences, and all the rest, must “fall” into the background of phenomena.

We can say that every-“thing” needs to stop. Think of it as pausing or turning off a movie you are watching, and suddenly noticing for the first time, the screen. The screen has already been there all the time. In truth, the screen doesn’t even need the movie to stop for it to BE the screen; IT IS ALWAYS THE SCREEN regardless of a movie is playing or not. This screen is a metaphor for consciousness, awareness, love; it is who you are in essence.

Before moving forward on the exploration of non-conceptual understanding, lest take five minutes and watch this quick clip on what exactly do we mean by the essence of Awareness-Love-Consciousness.

The predicament is that YOU (your ego, body-mind) can NOT do this through effort because once you TRY to stop the ego, you are in movement. Trying is movement. The process then becomes one of relaxation, of SURRENDER and trust, resting your “self,” your attention back into its source.

Therefore, even though there’s no-“thing” you can do about it, you still have to chop wood and carry water; you still need to go fishing if you want to catch fish. What I mean by this is that we have the tools of intelligence and observation in the realm of phenomena. We can deduct that “success” leaves footprints; people who achieve this or that are generally taking the same steps of persistence, repetition, practice, perseverance, hustle, and constant “effort.”

Of course, there are exceptions where people are just “lucky,” and things happen for them, to them without struggle, but that’s life, those are rare, and you must not get distracted by them. You need to play the law of averages! People who want to learn to play basketball practice as much as possible, people who want to be fit will exercise regularly. The footprints that they leave are the same, PERSISTENCE.

Whether your motive comes from a need for fulfillment, to end pain or suffering, or from a passionate, joyful calling, the motion to take is the same.

If you want to explore this deeper, I invite you to read this short excerpt: Finding out who you are!
Also, try any of our 5-minute exercises that can help with these tasks. We have plenty of free resources here: Free Meditation Exercises.

And, as always, if you have any questions on any of these subjects, please FEEL FREE to contact me, and I will do my best to provide help and share whatever I can through your journey. You can reach me here: Contact Me!

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